No Shame: Authenticity Over Trends

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TikTok shouldn’t be your only marketing plan, but it can be your friend. And it doesn’t have to suck. When we get beyond the compromising posts, manufactured trends, and outrageous influencer costs, owning the power of TikTok for artists is real. #NoShame.

After the last two years of immersing ourselves in the platform and talking directly with TikTok executives, we’ve put authenticity to the test and found success through consistency.

With countless campaigns behind us, our formula for TikTok is not dependent on starting a trend, throwing money at influencers, or losing dignity for a cheap laugh. Here’s how we do it:

How We Do It

Black Box works directly with artists across four 1-hour training sessions. Trainings cover short video best practices, platform optimizations, strategy, and hands-on teaching. The ultimate goal of the training is to ensure our clients are empowered with the know-how, confidence, and a vetted approach to TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. Throughout the term, Black Box helps our artists build habits for TikTok consistency and authenticity. And we aim to hit the For You Page a few times while doing it.

In addition to the training sessions, these are the services and deliverables included:

Services And Deliverables

  • One on-boarding meeting and TikTok Narrative Guide. The Narrative Guide creates a strategy built around 4 specific TikTok “verticals” unique to each artist.
  • 5 video edits, custom made for the client by Black Box.
  • Submission for editorial opportunities, verification, and music mapping.
  • Weekly trend reports.
  • Profile optimization.
  • Best practices and platform cheat sheets.
  • Final campaign reporting.

Case Study: Lauren Alaina

It turns out that Lauren Alaina is funny as hell. And she leans into social media with her fans. While the first part is not required to be successful, during our term with the country music superstar, Lauren Alaina brought both. In less than 2 months from start to finish, Lauren gained 230k new followers on TikTok (starting from 13k), accumulated 12.4M views, 2.6M likes, and 25k comments, as she started to engage on the platform. Most noticeably, Lauren dueted a super fan, which hit TikTok’s For You Page and exploded from there (ref: People Mag). But beyond virality, Lauren built an understanding for the platform and a sustainable way to use it, on her own terms.


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