100 Million Views for Jonathan Roy

Today we celebrate Jonathan Roy’s incredible achievement of 100,000,000 views for his live performance of “Keeping Me Alive” on YouTube. In the 2 years since we started working with Jonathan, we’ve had a front row seat to the remarkable growth of this video on YouTube from 17 million views to the milestone it reached today. Its success is a testament to the power of the algorithm to deliver amazing content to the right audience. As YouTube’s playlists, suggestions, and browse features drove nearly 90% of the views of the “Keeping Me Alive” video, Jonathan followed it up with a consistent stream of additional videos to keep those viewers coming back and subscribing to his channel (over 400,000 subscribers so far).

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Fans who were introduced to Jonathan through the “Keeping Me Alive” video were soon to discover stunning live performances like “Lost” (8 million views) and “21 Days” (1 million views) alongside his beautiful covers like a reimagined version of Sia’s “Breathe Me” (6 million views) and his take on Imagine Dragons’ “Next To Me” (about to cross 2 million views).

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Congratulations to Jonathan Roy and his manager Paul Jessop on reaching the 100,000,000 view landmark! And if this is your introduction to this remarkable artist and his music, welcome to the club.