Debut MARIS EP out now

In partnership with MARIS and Best Friends Management, Black Box is proud to be part of the debut EP Gravity from indie pop singer MARIS out now along with Gravity The EP: The Movie, a 17-minute short film that brings you through the journey of Gravity.

“I’m so excited to put out my first larger body of work, accompanied by a series of music videos that combine into a short film that I co-directed with the amazing Caro Knapp. From writing these songs through tears alone in my room, or with incredible producers and writers in studios or on Zoom, to creating the zine pages and the podcast episodes, to making the music videos, and finally playing the music live on tour, this process has taught me so much and been fulfilling in so many ways.” – MARIS

The Gravity EP includes two new tracks titled “Goodbye Forever” and “outofmydepth.”

Speaking of Gravity The EP: The Movie, MARIS says, “The musical journey, the visual experience, the cartoon, and the sci-fi epic extravaganza is the biggest opportunity to create a visual that I’ve ever had. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve escaped the worries of my day-to-day life by listening to music and imagining the movie scene it would soundtrack. Once I started writing my own music, my dream became making movies that are soundtracked by my own songs. So, when we selected the songs that we wanted to put out, I got to work making the vision boards and shot lists for the visuals I wanted to make! My label, Black House, and management, Best Friends, are equal parts crazy and spectacular for executive producing this project, and letting us be daring and ambitious with the visuals. I’m elated and nervous and excited and terrified and so proud to finally share the entire project!”