5 Key Music Marketing Ideas For 2022 (& GIFs To Go With Them)

Let’s start the new year with a peek at our 2022 marketing playbook.

Give Fans Your Cell Phone Number

Human-to-human communication happens through SMS. It’s fast, natural, authentic, short, and efficient. There’s no algorithm to prevent a text from being received. The open rate for text vs. email is night and day. And it’s direct. In 2022, artists and fans will win big when they treat mobile texts and voice (yes, like real phone conversations with fans) like an important medium. 

Get Your Shorts On

TikTok ate every social network’s lunch last year and big tech does not take kindly to that. So in 2022, keep it short. Lean into your Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts as much as you used to think about that perfectly filtered photo for your Instagram feed. Shorts are priority 1 through 5 for the major social platforms and it’s time to think about how to do it in a not-so-cringy way (solving this is so important, that we have a new one-stop service dedicated to it – hit us up)

Trust The Science (And Embrace Consistency)

Is the era of the accessible programmer that starts records on gut over? What if friend@spotify.com and pal@apple.com are no longer there — what does marketing your music look like? Clue – It’s still intuitive. It’s about great music and relentlessly telling your story through compelling content. Awakening the algorithm is not about making music for a playlist, but about making great art, period. Be consistent, rack up pre-saves, drop your sound early on TikTok, wait for fans to demand an EP/LP, and let the algorithm be your best (albeit, mysterious) friend.

NFTs Can Be NFCs 

New fan clubs are finally here with the arrival of NFTs. And they don’t all look like cartoon apes and cost bajillions of not real money. The actual blank canvas that a non-fungible token offers fans can mean new experiences for fans and artists, real ownership in the success of an artist, and a reinvention of the collectibles market. You don’t have to drink the Kool-Aid all at once, but you shouldn’t dismiss NFTs as things for only electronic artists, tech bros, and nerds.

Do we have your interest? Hit us up about our new content and NFT services.

You Are Not Alone

Things are bumpy in our new world. So building a strategy that is contingent on an “after COVID” environment doesn’t work. There are new needs and new rules. To become bulletproof as an artist, one needs to create, collaborate, and connect. Yes, your suite of content for each release has to go so much further. Yes, your approach to shorts has to work for you. But above all, get out there and connect with others. From who you work with to make content, to an influencer that you cast in your video, to dropping remixes, to partnering with organizations you strongly align with, artist development is not an individual sport.

This is 2022. And we’re excited about it.

You are not alone.