Remembering David Bowie

Black Box Creative Director, Myriam Santos, was a frequent photographer for David Bowie. Her work with Bowie includes co-authoring a photo book with the late artist, titled ‘David Bowie: Live In New York‘, documenting his storied New York City Marathon Tour of October 2002. In her own words, Myriam remembers her friend and idol, David Bowie:

The reason I ever picked up a camera was because of David Bowie. Without doubt or hesitation, I can say that. His songs and his visuals have inspired me more than any other artist’s. Whenever I’m stuck for ideas, I play my current favorite Bowie album – I say “current,” because it changes depending on what’s going on in my world. Sometimes I need to drown in Low, and sometimes nothing can get me out of a funk more than Ziggy Stardust. There are many to drown in, and random lines from random Bowie songs have for the last 25 years encouraged and healed me.

The first time I photographed Bowie, I was a wreck. Speech was not an ability that day, even though by then I’d been shooting for a long time. I had never been starstruck before. But when the person responsible for your entire career walks into the room, that’s a lot to take on.

Despite my lack of speech, the shoot went well. Soon after that, we worked on a book together, David Bowie: Live In New York. There are so many moments that stand out, but by far my favorite was the first time David and my son Ethan met. David said Ethan reminded him of himself. David walked into the room full of people, saw Ethan, and went straight to him. He introduced himself, then took his hand and showed him his world. Besides being the reason I ever became an artist, this man was kind to my son. That truly overwhelmed me beyond words.”