Introducing Nvak Collective

As you may have seen recently in Variety and Billboard,Nvak Collective has launched as a first-of-its-kind record label. Starting with new releases from Rosa Linn and Chaz Cardigan, Nvak Collective is a mission-based label set out to represent the under-represented, exercise progressive music business practices, and foster healthy and productive artists through their approach to nurturing talent. Black Box is honored to work alongside Nvak Collective to  support their mission and model an ethical and rewarding relationship with artists.

The label was founded by artist and activist Tamar Kaprelian (former Interscope Records artist) and producer Alex Salibian (Harry Styles, Young the Giant). With an ear for great music, Nvak Collective focuses on female, non-binary, and LGBTQ+ talent around the world. Here’s a sample of how their deals work:

  • 1 year term
  • Renaming of the “Master” to “Primary”
  • Artist retains full ownership of their Primary
  • 42% of net profit from Primary for the Artist
  • 42% of net profit from Primary for the Record Label
  • 10% of net profit from Primary reserved for Producers
  • 4% of net profit from Primary reserved for Songwriters
  • 2% of net profit reserved for Mixers/Engineers
  • Label provides the following services:
    • Healthcare
    • Dental care
    • Mental health services (i.e therapy)
    • Financial management
    • Life coaching
    • Nutritionist

But beyond the model, at the heart of Nvak Collective is the music. Scroll below to check out the first few releases.

ROSA LINN “King” ft. Kiiara

CHAZ CARDIGAN “We Look So Good” – out This Friday

ANNIKA ROSE “Fuck You” (Internet Girl Remix) – out September 24

TALIA LAHOUD “Wicked Game” (Chris Isaak Cover) – out October 1