Client Services – Guest Blog From Elsa Tortella

Black Box was designed to provide customizable marketing solutions for record labels, artists, and managers. From day one, our approach was simple; get to know the client and market them accordingly. In doing so, we realized the importance of client services. Where music companies didn’t have the orientation necessary to provide such specialized attention to their artists, Black Box found a distinct opportunity.

Each artist at Black Box is assigned their own specific team, starting with our Administrative Director, Elsa Tortella, ”From the moment we on-board a client, we are at their disposal. Our relationship with them is what sets us apart from any other company,” she explains. It’s this very approach that has allowed Black Box to authentically market artists, yielding them with engaged and invested audiences.

Our clients are assigned a project manager and digital marketer based on their specific goals and needs. From there, Elsa completes the onboarding process, providing clients with team introductions, resource material, and deliverables. The onboarding process concludes with a 3-hour long onboarding session with the artist, their team, and Black Box.

Elsa, whose background is in financial advising, explains the importance of client services throughout—and beyond— the onboarding process, ”What I learned from being in the financial services industry is that you are handling clients’ money. You are at their service. Our relationship with our clients is essential to us and them being successful,” she says,” What makes what I do unique is that for the first time, it is being applied to the music industry.” While Black Box’s approach to every project varies, our foundational belief remains the same: treat each client like they’re our only client.