Who We Are

Black Box is a MODERN MARKETING AGENCY designed for the music industry. Our vision is to help our clients DEVELOP ENGAGED AUDIENCES through branding, marketing and partnerships.

We offer CUSTOM SOLUTIONS for labels, publishers, managers and artists, with an UNPARALLELED EXPERTISE in driving campaigns and a passion for personalized content creation, social publishing, and full-service marketing strategy.

Our approach is simple; know yourself, know your fans, build your business.

Music Approach

The Black Box approach is simple.  Here’s how we do it:

1. Establish artist identity, branding, and vision. Set goals.
2. Build the content, shape the music, and design the visual brand.
3. Develop the audience plan. Establish the social, brand, and development approach.
4. Implement the strategy. Measure obsessively.
5. Enhance the business through social monetization, partnerships, and optimized traditional revenue streams.

Marketing & Revenue

Here’s another way to look at it. Black Box is two things: a Chief Marketing Officer and a Chief Revenue Officer.

CMO: As your CMO, Black Box supports digital strategy, content development, visual branding, and artist positioning.

CRO: As your CRO, Black Box supports social monetization, partnerships, D2C, and traditional revenue optimization.

Management & Publishing

Built out of our agency model, Black Box operates a boutique management services and publishing division for artists that do not have either. At the center of both ventures is Cody Lovaas, a phenomenal songwriter, musician, and person.


Livia Tortella: CEO & Founder
Brian Popowitz: General Manager
Elsa Tortella: Administrative Director
Adam Zinke: Head of Digital
Dylan Bourne: Creative Services Director
Lisa Kwon: Project Manager & Lead Writer
Nancy Stolze: Project Manager & Digital Marketing
Aubrey Wickenheiser: Digital Marketing & Social Publishing
Patrick Fong: Interactive Design Consultant
Wouri Vice: Stylist
Jenni Lee: Stylist
Matthieu Lauriot Prevost: International Marketing Consultant
Steven Gottlieb: Video Production Consultant
Mihailo Andic: Content Producer
Tracey Pepper: Media Strategy


Myriam Santos Studio: World-renowned photographer, director, and creative. Los Angeles, CA.
The Orchard: The standard in digital distribution. New York, NY.
Adam Johnson: Web development with a personalized touch. New York, NY.
Classics Agency: High-touch, boutique PR. Vancouver, BC
Icon Interactive: Digital solutions hired by digital experts. Boston, MA.
Viva La Rock: They say music makes everything cool. We agree. Los Angeles, CA.
Fanjoy: Artist identity meets curation meets e-commerce. San Francisco, CA.
VideoStatic: Industry-leading social video production from executive producer, Steven Gottlieb. New York, NY.
Grant Owens: Putting together the best developing artists shows in LA. Los Angeles, CA.
Lunch Box: Homemade Italian food catering for the modern office. Los Angeles, CA.



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