Black Box in the Times of COVID-19 (As Told by GIFs and Memes)

It started when we got that first “work from home” email.

Spring and summer tour plans are canceled.

Albums get put on hold until touring comes back again.

Artists, managers, and agents are starting to talk about TikTok.

You’re being asked to do yet another live stream.

Black Box (As Told By GIFs and Memes)

Because everyone’s convinced live streaming is the answer to all our new problems.

(We tried it anyway.)

This is why we built Black Box, a modern marketing agency for the music industry. Because we like building real engagement for our clients.

It’s like renting your own team…

You get first-rate creative, project management, branding, and social done under one roof, to move everything together in one direction.

And help you realize that your new daily routine is actually a source of great content.

Because no matter what’s happening in the world, you still have fans who want to hear from you.

And we can help you embrace all the new ways to connect with audiences around the world.

So if you’re feeling like it’s time to pick yourself back up instead of crawling into a hole, let’s talk.

You’re needed now, more than ever.